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Hot and Tired in Plasencia

Not too tired to moan about the Hotel. . .

sunny 32 °C

500km ride through Galicia was an absolute joy, until the temperatures went up to the 30s again. With rucksacks, boots, armoured jackets etc the last stage was a bit of a nightmare and on reflection it would have been better to plan shorter legs. However, the scenery more than made up for that and the hotel was easy to find. Will not be staying there again despite the price and number of stars, but the bed was comfy and it was just for one night.

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This Old House. . . .

sunny 30 °C

2011-10-11_11_30_12.jpgSpent 3 days with estate agents looking at property in Galicia - WHAT BEAUTIFUL PART OF THE WORLD. I want to buy them all but I know we have to be sensible. Met some new friends, Lisa and Stewart, who showed us their beautifully restored home near Taboado so we have agood idea of what can be done and how much it may cost to do it. Lots to think about over the next few months. Santiago de Compostela today - a wonderful outing for LB &C who performed marvellously as usual. Off to Plasencia tomoorrow, around 500 km so an early night tonight. As soon as I can work out how to do it I'll post some pics. P.S. Lisa and her friend run wonderful cooking courses here, check out the latest Sainsbury's magazine!

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Thar be Whales!

overcast 15 °C

Saw a whale at lunch! (It was in the sea, not in the restaurant!) Ladbird need not have worried Leaving the ferry proved to be no problem However, circumnavigating Santander was. Missed the bypass and added half an hour to a dark, cold wet journey. Then got lost trying to find the hotel in Gijon and eventually checked in at 11.30, cold and tired. Ladybird and the Creature went straight to bed but Mandy and Roy went and made new friends in a smashing little bar called El Gallinero (the chicken farm) over plates of egg and chips with chicken breast and roasted red peppers. YUM. Back to fabulous suite in Hotel (upgrade) ready for an early start in morning.

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Setting off, or how much luggage can you get on two bikes?

Quite alot, it turns out.

semi-overcast 15 °C

Ladybird and the Creature and friends

Ladybird and the Creature and friends

Got a send off by Jenny and Clive and the ubiquitous camera. Kisses and photos - will post photos but keep kisses. Ladybird and Creature performed beautifully as always, but Mandy had a complete panick getting onto the ferry at Portsmouth. Ladybird saw her right though, and after getting settled a fantastic dinner was served in the restaurant. Because of high strengh antibios, Mandy celebrated the start of our trip with a delicious camomile tea, Roy with a bottle of Chateauneuf de Pape, several pints and a large gin and tonic. Slept well, Mandy because it was the first night in 4 without debilitating toothache, Roy because, well, judge for yourselves. Second day is not going so well. As I type, France are thrashing England in the rugby. There will be tears before bedtime! Due to arrive Bilbao 6.p.m. and then along the coast to Gijon for the night. Ladybird is already wondering how Mandy is going to manage getting OFF the ferry. The tension is already palpable.

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